July 16, 2010


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UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working  for children and their rights. We work with families, local communities, partners and governments in 191 countries to help every child realise their full potential. We provide health care, nutrition and education. We protect children affected by war, natural disasters and HIV/AIDS.

UNICEF works in the UK to champion children’s rights, to win support and raise money for our work with children worldwide. UNICEF UK was established in 1956 and is one of 36 UNICEF National Committees based in industrialised countries.

UNICEF is not funded by the UN. Instead, we rely entirely on voluntary donations from individuals, governments, trusts, corporations and UNICEF groups.


UNICEF Peterborough Group

UNICEF Peterborough Group’s primary aim is to raise funds and awareness for UNICEF, but also provides opportunities to meet new people and have fun.

You will be joining a national network of UNICEF groups and will be supported by a dedicated Fundraising Initiatives Officer.

By joining UNICEF Peterborough Group, you will help support children all over the world and ensure they get the start in life they rightfully deserve.

UNICEF groups raised an impressive £160,000 in 2007. The amount raised by each group varied according to the number and scale of the events they organised.

No experience is necessary to be a member or to participate in the group. All we ask is that you are enthusiastic and passionate about UNICEF’s work and adhere to the guidelines below.

Unicef Peterborough Group pledges to:

1. Promote UNICEF in line with its corporate guidelines, image, and within the law.

2. Pay in all money raised in UNICEF’s name on a regular basis and submit annual returns.

3. Hold an annual meeting to celebrate successes and plan for the future.

4. Agree an annual plan of activity.

5. Work on behalf of and together with our Fundraising Initiatives Officer to help raise UNICEF’s profile and the most amount of money possible.



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